19 October 2007

Friday 19 October 2007

I spent time in The Little School thinking and making notes on my computer in the morning.

Lunch time was cheese flan with baked beans and chips with chocolate shortcake for pudding.

At playtime I went out for the last time, intending to keep a low profile. However, by the end of the break I had around 8 children following me round. They all started grabbing onto my hands and legs. There were two behind me, hiding their heads up inside my jacket and several holding my hands. I could not get them out from under my jacket because I couldn’t release my hands. There combined strength was quite terrifying and they were able to drag me round the playground at their will. In the end I had to call to Frances to help me. The experience reminded me of wildlife footage I’ve seen in the past showing a pack of lions hunting and killing an elephant.

In the afternoon I made notes to summarise my experience in the school in order to feedback to Emma when she arrived.

Frances and I went to the Foundation 1 class to attempt to meet our namesakes, but unfortunately we had left it too late and had missed them. We photographed the display featuring the whole class’s names instead. We would still like to meet Ellie and Frances in the future.

Emma arrived shortly after 15:00 and we had a brief evaluation meeting. Before packing up and leaving our studio in The Little School for good.