18 October 2007

Thursday 18 October 2007

Today I spent to morning looking for a quiet place to sit and think. I was planning to use the School Hall, but the head teacher was using it to hold a meeting with the builders. I went up into the stock room and made a make-shift desk with the ladder and a folder. I spent two hours there writing and trying to resolve what it is I’m doing and why I’m here.

Lunch time was a baked potato, salad and cheese with chocolate pudding and chocolate custard. The vegetarian option was tuna and sweet corn, which was quite disturbing. Glenn and Francis ate the tuna allocated to me, but they think it gave them food poisoning. It worried me that they might actually have fed this to a vegetarian child.

I went out to playtime again and sat on the wall. A group of girls surrounded me. They all asked me if I knew what their names were. We went round the group and said everyone’s names. They were looking at my watch. They seem a little confused about the concept of time. Some of them know what time they have lunch and go home and some of them don’t.

After lunch I became interested in the different names that the children have, how different they are from the names that children had when I was at school (except for ‘Ellie’ of course, there are quite a few of those). I went to the office and asked for a print of all the first names from the register. The woman in the office was worried about giving me this information because of ‘data protection’, but decided it would be OK to have first names only. She printed it out for me.

I also made a copy of the Wicked Writing in which a child had listed all the people they know and their corresponding ages.

I had a less productive afternoon, but thought about the idea of going to meet mine and Frances’ namesakes in Foundation 1 and having our pictures taken with them.