17 October 2007

Wednesday 17 October 2007

We moved into the new studio in The Little School. We started off by having a discussion about our ideas so far, how things have developed in the week we have been away. Everyone is still quite confused about our role in the school, but I am the only one without an action plan.

Frances has an extremely well planned schedule which involves sessions with children out of class, appointments to talk to teachers and other staff. I shadow Frances and just observe. Everything I do gives me further insight into the life of the school.

Lunch time was veggie chilli and salad with lemon cake and a chocolate chip cookie for pudding. We sat next to Felicia who had tomato ketchup sandwiches again. At playtime I did some skipping with the children, the girls were much better than the boys, who don’t seem to have any coordination.

In the afternoon, we talked to Andy (Premises Manager) in the staffroom he looked totally bemused and embarrassed when Frances introduced him the little figure. He named it George.