03 October 2007

Wednesday 3 October 2007

I stayed in the School Hall all morning, trying to work through my ideas in my notebook and to make sense of the situation we were working in. I watched morning playtime through the window, only one child spotted me peeping out. It was Felicia.

Lunch time was vegetable curry with rice and vegetables with chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate custard for pudding. Most of the kids seemed to be eating the chicken korma version instead. We chatted to Amit, Ben and Kieran. Amit was quite rude to Frances and asked me if I was a boy or a girl.

At playtime only Glenn and I dared to go outside after what had happened the day before. We took a more calm approach this time by sitting on the wall and trying to chat to the children. They were more interested in Glenn’s minidisc player and my camera. I ended up taking pictures of the children jumping and skipping and then showing them the photos on the camera’s screen. They enjoyed this.

In the afternoon Frances, Glenn, Francis and I had a long and useful chat in the School Hall and we played about with some of the toys and instruments we found.

I watched a foundation class playing around in the small quad playground. Emma arrived and we left at about 16:00.