02 October 2007

Tuesday 2 October 2007

This morning we set up our studio in the main School Hall, we then explored the school inside and out, taking photographs. We found an old Lolly Pop stick outside and posed with it and then posted our Tesco vouchers into the collection box.

Lunch time was a vegetable pizza slice with salad and coleslaw with a homemade biscuit for pudding.

At lunch a few children who were sat opposite having packed lunches waved to us. Two little boys sat on our table and looked both inquisitive as to what we were doing there, and terrified. Frances talked to them quite a bit. Felicia sat next to Glenn and told him she had tomato ketchup sandwiches.

At break we played Stuck In The Mud. One person is ‘on’ and the others have to run away from them. If you get caught you have to stand still with your arms out to either side. You can be set free if someone runs under your arm.

Then Francis and I got into a game with the children, which involved them jumping off the bench and hitting our hands in a double high five. We gradually got further and further away from the bench to make it more difficult. More and more kids wanted to play until, suddenly nearly all of them had descended on us. It all got a bit out of hand, one boy fell over and the dinner lady had to put an abrupt halt to proceedings.

In the afternoon I was very tired and hid in the School Hall. I watched a PE class through the window and saw a teacher chasing the children around pretending to be a crocodile.

Frances had been observing classes all afternoon and took me with her into one. We listened to a teacher telling her class a story about a family of elephants.

Later on we discovered the secret stock room at the top of the stairs and found the money stamps.

We left about 16:00 and got told off by the builders for leaving by the wrong exit.